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Basu Natural Farms

Basu Natural Farms

13643 E. 2000 S. Rd. | Pembroke Township, IL 60958-8801 | 815-944-8211

Basu Museum and Cultural Center is an unique community-based, non-profit organization, that has been serving youth and their families since 1997. The museum is located on Basu Natural Farms a sustainable, organic farm at the north end of Pembroke Township. Most of the land is dedicated to production, which consists of vegetables, fruits, herbs, native plants and perennial flowers. There is a ½ mile nature trail adjacent to the farm. The center conducts agricultural, cultural, historical, arts and crafts, yoga and health and fitness classes. Throughout the year, we provide the community and children with safe structured recreational, artistic, cultural and educational events which are designed to deter participation in activities that would lead to delinquent behavior. Our programs, activities and events serve to enhance the quality of life, offer new life experiences and raise the self-esteem of our residents. Thousands of historical artifacts are housed in a 1400 square foot building which also serves as a library and training center. We provide a unique cultural experience to our local residents as well as visitors from all over the world.

Basu Museum and Cultural Center conducted a satellite museum, during school hours, at Lorenzo Smith Elementary School ( Lorenzo Smith was the first African American teacher in Pembroke Township and the first African American superintendent of schools in the state of Illinois). We sponsor and host several yearly events including The George Washington Carver Herb Festival,The Harriet Tubman Hoe-Down and The Marcus Garvey Farm Festival. All of our festivals provide safe education and entertainment to our youth and their families.

Our Museum is the first and largest African American museum in Kankakee County. By the end of 2014, we had received visitors from 76 cities in Illinois, 19 other states and 14 other countries. With our rare and diverse collections and programs, Basu Museum and Cultural Center has the potential of creating great economic growth for Pembroke Township, the county of Kankakee and the state of Illinois.