We welcome you to explore our unique blend of natural beauty, heritage and urban attractions along 57 miles of winding river. Kankakee County is located just 50 miles south of Chicago, off of Interstate 57. Routes 45/52, 50 and 17 also run through the River Valley. O'Hare International Airport is 75 miles north of Kankakee County, and Midway Airport is 50 miles north. The Greater Kankakee airport is also available for personal aircraft landing space.

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New Year's Resolutions for 2023

The new year brings feelings of hope, change and lists of new year's resolutions. Some people want to get in shape, so they start gym memberships. Others want to start eating healthy and start dieting. And many catch the travel bug and craft their travel bucket list. We here, in the Visit Kankakee County office, have a different take on our new year’s resolutions. We want to explore our own backyards this year.

Nicole, our Executive Director, has some great ideas for exploring her own back yard in the coming year. Any time she needs to find a gift for someone whether it be a birthday gift, Christmas gift or a just because gift, she wants to shop small and shop local to help the small businesses and families in Kankakee County. At Visit Kankakee County, we are all about learning about the new things in our county or uncovering hidden gems. To do this, Nicole wants to plan a minimum of one adventure each month in Kankakee County to visit and discover a destination she has yet to experience.

January 2023 New Year's Resolutions in Kankakee CountyMeegan, our Marketing Coordinator, has a lot of learning to do when it comes to Kankakee County. Unlike her teammates, she was not born, raised and has not lived in Kankakee County for any extended period. This year is going to be a big year of adventuring for her. The first item on her new year’s resolution list is to try a restaurant she has never been to at least once a month. The next item on her list is to go walking after work at least once a week at one of Kankakee County’s many parks once it is consistently warm. (She does not do well with the cold.) Meegan would also like to learn how to scuba dive at Haigh Quarry this summer. The last thing on her bucket list is to be able to go to a Saturday night dinner at Locavore Farm and experience dining on the land.

January 2023 New Year's Resolutions in Kankakee CountyAngelina, our Office & Sales Assistant and outdoors enthusiast, has quite the lengthy list of new year's resolutions. Her list starts with wanting to bicycle the entire Kankakee River State Park trail system. Item number two is to volunteer locally at least one time per month potentially helping out twelve different organizations throughout the year. Unable to sit still for any length of time, Angelina would also love to learn to ice skate at Ice Valley Centre Ice Arena, explore all the dog friendly spots in Kankakee County with her dog, Timber, and kayak and paddleboard the Kankakee River. Needing more Zen in her life, she plans to roll out her yoga mat weekly at Align Light yoga studio. As an avid camper, she hopes to sleep under the stars at all our area campgrounds, maybe even camping at Camp Shaw-Waw-Nas-See after boogying down at Shoe Fest! Angelina is looking forward to learning how to play pool at the Bradley Billiard Club, wants to sample every pizza restaurant in Kankakee County and would also like to take a Kankakee County brewery tour. Her final new year’s resolution is to dine under the stars at one of Locavore Farm’s dine on the land dinner experiences.

Kankakee County always has something new waiting to be discovered or something older waiting to be uncovered. The number of experiences and adventures waiting in this county are immeasurable, but we want your help. Send us a DM on social or email us at [email protected] and tell us your favorite adventure, experience, restaurant, store, etc. in Kankakee County that you want us to try! Let’s all help each other rediscover all the great experiences that are to be had in Kankakee County!

Kankakee County is located just 50 miles south of Chicago!

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